Mutual funds

TRI-Mutual Fund Investors Must Care About this New TRI Benchmark

January 23, 2018

What’s TRI? It’s something a mutual fund investor should know. TRI, or Total Return Index, tracks both the capital gains of a scheme and assumes that any cash distribution, such as dividends, are reinvested back into the index. Markets regulator SEBI released a circular on Jan. 4 asking fund houses to benchmark a scheme’s performance […]

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AADHAR is now mandatory for new Demat and trading accounts

January 4, 2018

From now on, we shall be making collection of Aadhaar mandatory for all new clients, i.e. including Online, Offline and Non individuals (including corporate accounts, partnerships etc.). The Aadhaar scan shall be attested and collected as an additional attachment. Things to remember: 1) For all offline accounts, along with Aadhaar number having to be filled, […]

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Mutual funds Sahi Hai

December 22, 2017

Definition: A mutual fund is a professionally-managed investment scheme, usually run by an asset management company that brings together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, bonds and other securities. Description: As an investor, you can buy mutual fund ‘units’, which basically represent your share of holdings in a particular scheme. These […]

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