Saturday, 23 Jun 2018
Author: 5rupees


Since you have only a number of stocks in your portfolio, they tend to be focused on few sectors. This displays conviction of your portfolio to those growing sectors and provides a qualitative advantage over other portfolios with stocks from almost all the sectors which may or may not grow. For example, if your portfolio […]


A focused portfolio must hold the stocks which possess enough potential to give higher returns. A smart investor will not want to dilute her/his concentration on the stocks that do not add a significant value even after considering the power of compounding. Quality of portfolio is also determined by adequate attention given to the stocks […]

Long Term Stock Picking Methods and tips

“Buying shares of a company means you are buying a small portion of their business.” – This is the philosophy to  follows when  analyze stocks for  long term investments. Long term wealth is not created by blindly investing in ‘hot stocks’ or ‘tips’. It is created by investing in few high potential stocks which display […]

Penny Stock Picking Methods and tips

Firstly you need to  follow very strict and rigorous process of research for  Penny stocks since this is a very a volatile segment of stocks and they have the least amount of coverage on them. Conduct  due diligence and follow a set process of research which has proved to be successful. Here are few of  […]

Short Term Stock Picking Methods

The research behind the Short Term product is majorly technical analysis of high quality stocks with sound fundamentals out of which we hand pick a stock every month based on  filters like: The support and resistance levels Buy and sell volumes on daily, weekly and monthly basis Bullish or bearish trend based on chart analysis […]