Sunday, 20 May 2018
Category: Investing Tips

Don’t put all eggs in one basket .Why ?

Identifying great stocks is a very complicated process. Sure it’s rewarding, but at the same time, it can also be pretty risky. Hence, every investor should make it a point to safeguard his/her interest. If you put all of your money into an individual company’s stock and its price falls, you run the risk of […]

Investing Tips: Should you buy Blue Chips or Small Cap Stocks?

Blue Chip Companies have a big market cap, good brand value, a lot of customers, provide good liquidity in stocks, provide good turnover in trading, Tracked by all Stock Research houses etc ….. All these are positive factors of Blue Chip companies compared to mid cap stocks and small cap stocks…. But do these factors […]

Investing Tips : Short Term Investing Vs Long Term Investing

Now a days everybody wants everything ‘instant’…. like Instant Coffee, Instant Love, Instant Food (Fast Food) etc….So Obviously when one comes to Stock Market also, he desires to make Instant Money…. But Stock Market doesn’t go as per our desires…. Stock Market has its own rules which we should follow if one wants to survive […]