Saturday, 23 Jun 2018
Author: 5rupees

Female mosquito’ in Aurobindo Pharma’s facility during inspection

This may be laughable but in developed countries there are bare minimum standards for food and drug industries. There are definitions of cleanliness and there is a vast difference of an ocean between what we consider clean and what they consider clean. Even a visit to a small country like Thailand or Malaysia will change […]

Cash Trading -How Cash trading happens

1) Exchange Code : Select the exchange in which stock has to be traded. Trading can be done in equity segment of NSE & BSE. 2) Scrip Code : You can select the stock which you want to trade. 3) Get Quote : You will get a detailed quote page with market depth for the […]

Commodities trading: An overview

Commodities, whether they are related to food, energy or metals, are an important part of everyday life. Anyone who drives a car can become significantly impacted by rising crude oil prices. The impact of a drought on the soybean supply may influence the composition of your next meal. Similarly, commodities can be an important way […]

Short term Investor vs Long term Investor vs Trader vs Investor

For an employed person the choice to be made is between Short term investment or long term investment IN STOCK MARKET and trading is not his cup of tea.  First of all you have to decide whether you are a trader or investor.If you can find time during market hours (say morning 9  AM to […]

some of the characteristics of a multibagger investor

Long Term Horizon: If you check the prices of your stocks every day,you are probably not very well suited to mutibagger investing.You need to think in terms of at least 5 to 10 years as your investment horizon.This means that you should not look to your multibagger investment for day-to-day excitement or entertainment.Mutibaggers are not […]

Nomura sells BSE shares worth Rs 111 crore

New Delhi: Nomura Asset Management today offloaded nearly 14 lakh shares of stock exchange BSE for a little over Rs 111 crore through an open market transaction. BSE, which got listed on the rival bourse NSE last year, provides a host of other services to capital market participants including risk management, clearing, settlement, market data […]

All about SGX Nifty and its importance

SGX Nifty & its importance: SGX Nifty, also known as a Singapore Nifty, involves taking position in the Singapore Exchange on Futures contracts . The Futures contracts settlement is based on the NIFTY settlement price in the Indian stock exchange NSE. This gives international investors the flexibility of betting on Indian markets without having to […]

The Goodness of Value Picking -Indian Stock Market Success Stories

Total of 51 stocks have been posted on the blog so far. Average returns at peak is 134.98% (Cumulatively all stocks rallied atleast 134.98% from blog post price) Average returns at cmp is 71.13% (Cumulatively all stocks are still up by 71.13% from blog post price) Top gains for a stock at peak was for […]