Zerodha now the 3rd largest stock broker in India in terms of active clients.

Zerodha now the 3rd largest stock broker in India in terms of active clients. Thank you for helping us achieve this in just under 8 years. I also want to thank the exchanges, especially NSE, for the NOW platform that was launched almost a decade ago, that helped kick-start our business. Not to mention, SEBI, for bringing in regulations that have ensured lower leverages/risk in the industry allowing a level playing field for all to compete with established businesses.

Source: Capitalmind (compiled using UCC data on

Zerodha  pioneered the discount broking model in India and are fortunate to have been able to scale it.

Other than being the 3rd largest in terms of active clients, zerodha  are also probably the largest stock broker in India by retail trading turnover. We:

  • Contribute upwards of 8% of all retail trading volumes across exchanges.
  • Do upwards of 2 million retail trades daily, which would put us amongst the most active retail brokers globally.
  • Are in the top 20 investing related websites in the world.
  • We have over Rs 300 crores of our own capital in the business. We run a rewarding employee stock option program to ensure everyone working is also a stake holder.
  • Have invested in 8 different fintech startups through our incubator, Rainmatter, with the goal of expanding participation and bringing about innovation in the Indian markets.
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