The Goodness of Value Picking -Indian Stock Market Success Stories

Total of 51 stocks have been posted on the blog so far.
Average returns at peak is 134.98% (Cumulatively all stocks rallied atleast 134.98% from blog post price)
Average returns at cmp is 71.13% (Cumulatively all stocks are still up by 71.13% from blog post price)
Top gains for a stock at peak was for NGL FINE-CHEM at 561.97% (Stock went from 71 to hit 470)
Top loss for a stock at cmp is Commex Technology at -81.7% (Stock went from 3.82 to 0.50, however in the blog post of Commex it was clearly mentioned that its a gamble)
Have always said, readers should book partial profits as per their comfort and try to get maximum gains in the long-term by holding FOC shares (Free Of Cost Shares)
I hope readers are happy with the posts/write-ups on the blog. Keep reading!!
Source and credit  :  The Ace Investor

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